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Together, we get a broader residential offer and become a stronger partner. Now you can find all information about us and our homes in the same place, under the Besqab brand.


Business model

Besqab develops sustainable, high-quality residential housing in attractive locations.

We place great emphasis on defining the most relevant residential product for each selected market and target group. By understanding how people want to live, we can create attractive homes and healthy living environments, for satisfied buyers and tenants.

As residential developers, we have a major impact on people, the environment and society. We aim to make a positive contribution with resource- and climate-efficient buildings in safe, green and accessible areas. Our developments are functional and well planned, with sound material choices that last over time.

As a complement to the development of tenant ownerships and private homes, we work with the development and management of nursing homes, rental properties and other community services. This provides stability and cash flow over time, which contributes to a stronger financial position that enables new projects and further development of the business.

We are in control of the entire project process, which allows for us to adapt to changes in the market. We can choose the best production method for the specific project and market; turnkey contract with an external party or with our own execution expertise in shared contracting.

By combining strong business acumen with a structured execution, value creation and quality are ensured, which creates security for both home buyers, investors and partners.

Our business model

Our business model allows us to be involved in every step during the whole process
and to add values through our experiences and strengths in housing development.