Besqab Hjärtan Aros Bostad = True

Together, we get a broader residential offer and become a stronger partner. Now you can find all information about us and our homes in the same place, under the Besqab brand.


About Besqab 

Our passion is to create attractive and sustainable living environments through understanding how people want to live their lives.

A new leading residential developer

Besqab has merged with Aros Bostad, and the company has taken the name Besqab. Magnus Andersson is CEO of the new company.

"With our combined strengths in business, sustainability and customer satisfaction, we have a very good opportunity to develop the market's most attractive living environments and to build a long-term and profitable company. I am convinced that we have the breadth, competence and experience needed to take the position as a leading residential housing developer in Greater Stockholm and Uppsala.”

/Magnus Andersson, CEO

Our business

Project Development Residential Housing

Besqab develops residential housing for consumers in the tenancy forms tenant ownership and private ownership. The business spans the entire value chain for residential project development – ​​from analysis, concept work and land acquisition via the detailed planning process to the design and production of turnkey sustainable residential housing.

We work methodically to find new project opportunities and aims to acquire land in early stages of planning, in order to develop further value. The project development phase is the part of the process where the homes and areas take shape. In addition to architecture and interior planning, issues such as the local environment, accessibility and safety are handled.

The project implementation phase includes earthworks and construction. We work both with turnkey contracts and with shared contracts, where we have our own staff who manage the production. Throughout the process, we work closely with municipalities, architects and customers to create the best homes and areas based on the given location.

Our business model for divestment to consumers entails that a large part of the houses and apartments are sold "as planned", that is, before the home is built. When developing tenant ownership housing, Besqab and the tenant association enter into land and construction agreements. When it comes to ownership projects and owner-occupied apartments, we instead enter into an agreement with the home buyer, who is often a private individual. Initially, a non-binding booking agreement is usually signed, followed by binding advance agreements and lease agreements. In this way, we can see that the product is attractive on the market and ensure good project financing.

Project Development Investment Properties

We develop investment properties in the form of rental properties, nursing homes and other community services, in close cooperation with municipalities, private care providers and other intended tenants. The business is conducted from project idea and analysis to land acquisition, concept development and production.

Some projects are developed for own management and others are sold to investors, which can take place at different times during the process. New production of rental properties, nursing homes and other community services creates increased property values ​​that can be reinvested in new development projects.

Investment Properties for ownership and management

Investment properties includes our business for ownership and management of fully developed properties, such as rental residential properties, nursing homes or community services. This also includes development properties that are intended for future housing development.

For self-produced nursing homes and other community services, Besqab enters into an agreement with a commercial tenant before production starts. In this way, we can ensure that the completed properties are designed for the tenant's needs, while the management and operation are optimized based on the property's use. A successful rental and efficient management provides stable cash flows over time.

Besqab Group

Besqab owns the housing developer RAW Property AB and is also a partner in the housing developer Byggnadsfirman Erik Wallin AB. Both businesses complement Besqab's product portfolio and enable collaborations that can contribute to growing Besqab's business towards set goals.