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Information regarding Aros Bostad's public take over offer

With the intention of merging to form a new leading player in housing development in Greater Stockholm and Uppsala, Aros Bostadsutveckling AB (publ) ("Aros Bostad") submitted a public takeover offer to the shareholders of Besqab on January 31, 2024 through a press release to transfer all shares issued of Besqab to Aros Bostad (the "Offer").

In accordance with the terms of the Offer, Aros Bostad offers 1.04 newly issued ordinary shares and 0.07 newly issued preferred shares of series B in Aros Bostad for each existing share in Besqab. The total value of the Offer, based on all outstanding shares in Besqab, amounts to approximately SEK 1,861 million.

The board has published its statement in accordance with point II.19 of the Takeover rules for Nasdaq Stockholm, and unanimously recommends the shareholders of Besqab to accept the Offer. In addition, shareholders who together represent approximately 73 percent of the votes and capital in Besqab have entered into binding commitments to accept the Offer.

Excerpt from Besqab's board's statement regarding the Offer:
"The board shares Aros Bostad's view, as stated in Aros Bostad's press release, that a merger between the companies will create a competitive and leading player on the market. Through its significantly larger size, the merged company will have a stronger market position and also the capacity to take additional market shares.”

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For the statement from Besqab's board regarding the public takeover offer, including the valuation statement, please see the following link

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