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Aros Bostad takes possession of the ALM-portfolio and welcomes Joakim Alm to the Board

Regulatorisk information
Aros Bostadsutveckling AB (”Aros Bostad”) takes possession of the property portfolio for which binding agreement was signed with ALM Equity on 15 August 15 2022. In connection to the closing, ten employees transfer from ALM Equity to Aros Bostad and Joakim Alm enters Aros Bostad’s Board of Directors.

As previously announced, the property portfolio consists of 1,505 building rights, corresponding to 34 project development opportunities. Aros Bostad takes immediate possession of 23 projects (see list below, sw.) while access to the remaining projects will take place when the prerequisites for the agreements are fulfilled. Joakim Alm, CEO of ALM Equity, takes on the position as member of Aros Bostad’s Board of Directors, in line with decision on the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on 23 September 2022. All ten employees who have been offered employment at Aros Bostad have accepted and will join the company at the time of closing.

Magnus Andersson, CEO Aros Bostad:
”We use to say that Aros Bostad is an entrepreneurial company with a structured way of working. The business deals so far during 2022 have proven the meaning of it. Through the deal with ALM Equity we can add more than 1,500 building rights and ten new qualified employees who will continue with the development of the projects. This places us amongst the largest developers on our market. Through the rental deal earlier this year we have received a high sales ratio in ongoing projects, which will give us the stability to focus on the future and coming projects. On top of this we are glad to welcome Joakim Alm, who is a recognized skilled entrepreneur, to the Board.”

As communicated in the press release 15 August 15 2022, the acquisition price for the building rights portfolio is SEK 1,465 billion, corresponding to 35 percent ownership of the enlarged company. Payment will be conducted in two steps, through a non cash issue of 9,942,470 common shares to a price of SEK 60 per share and a non cash issue of 2,953,161 preference shares to a price of SEK 86 per share, plus 5,462,076 convertible shares which are to be converted to common shares during 2023 at the calculated time of access. The convertible shares have a price of SEK 60 per common share. ALM Equity has agreed to sell shares over time to improve the liquidity of Aros Bostad’s shares.

Through offset issues, and utilisation of convertibles, the capital stock increases with SEK 367,154.14 from SEK 869,298.72 to SEK 1,236,452.86. The total amount of shares increase with 18,357,707, from 43,464,936 to 61,822,643 shares. The calculated dilution effect for existing shareholders is ca 29.7 percent.

Projekt Kommun Produkttyp Planstatus Ljus BTA Enheter
Eds Allé 1 Upplands Väsby Småhus Detaljplan               3 228 20
Kavalleristen Rissne Gård Sundbyberg Småhus Detaljplan               2 401 18
Alba 1 Stockholm Flerbostadshus Detaljplan               3 930 28
Alba 2 Stockholm Flerbostadshus Detaljplan               4 068 32
Gällsta 1 Ekerö Småhus Detaljplan               3 410 21
Hofgården Ekerö Småhus Detaljplan               2 970 22
Ryttmästaren Rissne Gård Sundbyberg Småhus Detaljplan               2 112 16
Drabanten Nynäshamn Småhus Detaljplan               3 418 26
Parkvillorna Salem Flerbostadshus Detaljplan                  810 12
Råcksta Äng och Glimten Stockholm Småhus Detaljplan               3 548 22
Guldkaggen Gotland Flerbostadshus Detaljplan               1 243 16
Kalkateljen Södertälje Småhus Detaljplan                  960 9
Sjövillan 7 Södertälje Småhus Detaljplan               3 088 32
Tyska Botten Stockholm Småhus Detaljplan               3 273 20
Eds Allé 2 Upplands Väsby Småhus Detaljplan               2 131 17
Eds Allé 3 Upplands Väsby Småhus Detaljplan               1 889 15
Ormsta 1 Vallentuna Småhus Detaljplan               3 891 24
Ormsta 2 Vallentuna Småhus Detaljplan               3 891 24
Ormsta 3 Vallentuna Småhus Detaljplan               3 891 24
Kungsberga Ekerö Småhus Planskede               4 296 50
Lillängsvägen Haninge Småhus Planskede               9 972 65
Mörby villatomter Ekerö Småhus Planskede               2 420 22
Solsätra Haninge Småhus Planskede               7 450 50
78 289 585

The Certified Adviser for Nasdaq First North Growth Market is Erik Penser Bank. Financial information in English at

About Aros Bostad

Aros Bostad is a residential developer within the Stockholm area focusing on developing modern, functional and sustainable residential housing in attractive geographical areas, with timeless choices of materials and designs. The Company acquires and develops land into building rights and subsequently into residential housing. With a long-term perspective and responsibility for the entire value chain, Aros Bostad creates a safe deal for home buyers as well as stable returns for the investors. The Company was founded in 2006 and its primary geographical market is the greater Stockholm area and Uppsala. Aros Bostad had, as per Q2 2022, 33 residential development projects in different stages of development corresponding to ca 4,900 units. In October 2022 another 34 projects were acquired, corresponding to 1,505 units, of which 23 projects were directly taken into possession. Aros Bostad is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The Certified Adviser for Nasdaq First North Growth Market is Erik Penser Bank. Financial information is to be found at

For more information, please contact:

Magnus Andersson, CEO, e-mail:, phone: +46 73 410 12 43
Ken Wendelin, CFO/Deputy CEO, e-mail:, phone: +46 73 518 02 70

Anna Åkerlund, Head of Communications & IR, e-mail:, phone: +46 70 778 28 97
Certified Adviser, e-mail:, phone: +46 8 463 83 00